Honoring Nicole Christine

An ancient Magdalene Sisterhood re-emerged on the planet in 1996, seven years before The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown made the best sellers list. At that time Nicole Christine’s Priest/ess Process work evolved, as she founded the Magdalene Mysteries School in Tucson, Arizona.

This sounded the call that reunited the Sisterhood and blazed a trail to wholeness for herself and the women and men who would later take the path with her. The story of this journey is told in Nicole’s latest book Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene.

Nicole’s amazing legacy lives on through her writings and in the women and men who were profoundly impacted by her work. Those of us touched by her insightful vision and tremendous process weave a fabric of sacred connection as we unite in our relationship to the Temple of the Living Earth.

The cornerstone of Nicole’s transmission was in her abiding love for Living Ceremony. Please watch this beautiful presentation of a life well lived and receive the gift of Nicole’s words and intent.